The Dust of My Husband

Originally published in Eunoia Review My lungs once devoured air full of your dust and now they are addicts in withdrawal. I searched in your threadbare pillow, your favorite shoes, the ashes you left in the fireplace. I did not find dust, but your lovers handwritten on a piece of yellowed paper. There were many, and my name was not the last on your list. I placed your pillow and shoes on the ashes and lit a match. I watched youRead more

American April

A memoir excerpt originally published in Cosmonauts Avenue. The first time I saw an amputee was in April 2006 at Bethesda Naval Hospital. I was twenty years old. The man was attractive, probably in his late teens to early twenties, with overgrown brunette hair, the beginnings of a beard, and both legs missing just above the knees. Behind him, a woman around the same age with platinum blonde hair cut into a bob, who I assumed to be his wife,Read more